The NUMBER ONE Skill All Professional Tradespeople Need (And It’s Not What You Think…)

In order to be a top-class tradesperson, you need to be… well… top-class with your trade skills, right?

We’re going to be a bit controversial here and slightly disagree.

Of course, it’s a given that all tradespeople should be at the top of their game technically.

But there is one skill which – if not mastered – can render any technical skills less useful. And in some cases irrelevant.

See, many tradespeople make the classic mistake of thinking that being the best in their industry sector from a technical point of view is enough.

And in striving, or becoming, the best they believe that should automatically confer respect and status.

And, moreover, some believe that is the beginning and end of their duties.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

There is a skill which, unless you have it, may not even give you the chance to shine.

We’re talking about one word. Communication.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had people in our homes who might have been the best in their area.

But they only went and let themselves down with poor communication skills. This can be a big issue if they:

  • Fail to answer your calls or messages
  • Fail to turn up at the agreed time
  • Fail to explain any issues which may occur on the job
  • Fail to provide any necessary advice
  • Fail to issue the necessary paperwork in a timely manner

So, as you can see, the fact that they may have done a brilliant job on the project itself may have actually been ruined by the sloppy/non-existent communication.

We don’t make that same mistake.

At Mr Soot, we absolutely work on a customer service-first ethos. It’s built into every part of our business.

Right from the point of booking the appointment to completing the job and issuing paperwork, we hone in on being brilliant communicators.

That’s why many people who join Mr Soot come from public-facing backgrounds. They bring the necessary communication skills with them.

All we need to do then is making their chimney sweeping skills match their customer service skills.

And when those two elements fuse together, it creates not only a great working environment, but an army of loyal, happy customers who return year after year.

It’s little wonder we’re regularly referred to as one of the UK’s fastest growing chimney sweeping companies!

Fancy a career with a difference? Do you have customer service skills you could transfer into the world of chimneys and fireplaces? If you’re based in the North West, we’d love to hear from you!

Published by Mr Soot Chimney Sweep

We are registered chimney sweeps serving large parts of the North West of England. Members of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, we have HETAS Approved Sweep status and are registered solid fuel installers.

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