Mr Soot Training Academy Programme

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‘We don’t offer jobs, we offer a full career – from Trainee Sweep to Lead Technician and Divisional Manager. We invest in the individual, and give them support to realise their potential.’

David, Mr Soot’s Owner & Founder
Potential Career Progression at Mr Soot…

Step 1: 0-3 Months

Hands-on experience with one of our experienced Lead Technicians. You will see how we tackle all sorts of chimneys and appliances, and undertake your first sweeping and inspections under the watchful eye of your tutor. You’ll start to learn the basic principles of sweeping, inspecting and testing chimneys, as well as absorbing the various rules, regulations and guidance.

Step 2: Three to Six Months

Upon successfully passing your initial probationary period, you will be invited to sit the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ “Masterful Sweeping” course. This intensive training will include written and practical exams. At the end, if you pass, you will become a fully registered chimney sweep.

Step 3: Six months to One Year

Now you are a registered sweep, you will start carrying out your first sweeps independently on behalf of Mr Soot Chimney Sweep. There will be regular feedback sessions and monitoring, as well as regular training bulletins and updates.

Step 4: Year One to Two

You will now start to supplement your new skills and experiences with extra training. These may include additional courses covering CCTV Inspections & Smoke Testing, as well as a course covering how to carry out sweeps at Thatch & Historic Properties. You will also be expected to undertake solid fuel installer/maintenance training. On completion of these, your formal company title can be enhanced to Technician.

Step 5: Year Two to Three

At this point, with all your accumulated knowledge, we would look at putting you forward for a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in chimney sweeping. This is a lifetime qualification which stays with you forever. Upon attaining your NVQ, you may be eligible to apply for a prestigious CSCS Skilled Worker card – a nationally recognised ‘pass’ to work on construction sites across the UK.

Step 6: Year Four to Five

Now you are fully qualified and registered, you would become a Lead Technician, taking on more intricate works, inspections and testing, alongside regular appointments. These would include a mix of private customers plus working on our commercial contracts, fully utilising your recent qualifications.

Step 7: Year Five to Six

We would consider colleagues with this level of experience to now, if they wish, start to undertake a formal tutoring role. This would include mentoring new sweeps and helping them develop. This would be accompanied by refresher training in the technical aspects of chimney sweeping, inspecting and testing, as well as training in leadership and management.

Step 8: Year Six & Above

Good companies require good leaders and managers. Sweeps and Lead Technicians with this level of knowledge can now, if they wish, step up to a more senior level within the company. We would have a number of roles that would require excellent candidates, from Team Leaders and Divisional/Operational Managers.

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