About Us

Our Values. Our Mission. Our Purpose.

‘We treat our team members as individuals. Everyone has different strengths and outlooks, and we harness that for the benefit of everyone.’

David, Mr Soot’s Owner & Founder

How It All Began

Mr Soot Chimney Sweep is a fully registered, professional chimney sweeping, inspecting and testing service spanning large parts of the North West.

It was founded by David and started as just him, in a small van, doing sweepings on evenings and weekends. But using skills he’d brought from his previous career, the company started to grow. In less than 18 months, David had gone full-time.

He’s never looked back.

Since starting out, David has co-founded Burnright, become a trainer for the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps and has been appointed as a Business Mentor for social enterprise The Growth Company.

Today, Mr Soot employs staff and has offices across the North West. It is now a multi vehicle operation which sees over 1,000 customers a year.

Not Your Typical Tradespeople

From the outset, David’s vision has always been to make Mr Soot unlike the stereotypical trades company.

  • Responding to enquiries promptly and professionally.
  • Communicating to customers throughout.
  • Providing a dedicated date and timeslot.
  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Issuing paperwork.
  • Being polite and professional

This professional approach to customer service and business is one of Mr Soot’s many USPs.

Investing In Employees

All Mr Soot sweeps and technicians are trained to Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps standard as a minimum.

They are given a formal career path which encourages Continued Professional Development (CPD) and is rewarded with promotion and performance-linked remuneration.

Some will go onto to become Lead Technicians and Managers. Because good teams require good leaders.

A Great Place To Work

Remember the old saying ‘the customer comes first’?

Well, Mr Soot thinks that’s massively outdated. Because, first and foremost, the company leadership focus on its staff. They make sure they feel supported, valued and respected. Because motivated staff will ALWAYS provide excellent customer service.

That’s why it offers all Mr Soot team members:

  • Flexible working – ‘presenteeism’ and ‘clock watching’ is sooooo 1980s…
  • No micro-managing – staff are allowed to get on with their work and use their skills and judgement
  • A ‘flat’ structure – no top down ‘management knows best’ attitude. A good idea is a good idea, regardless of where it comes from
  • Away days and paid training/CPD
  • Holiday entitlement well above the statutory minimum
  • Every staff member gets their birthday off (and if it falls at the weekend, they can move the day’s leave to a normal work day)

At Mr Soot, staff members aren’t just a number – they’re individuals who work together for the benefit of everyone.