My Journey: Peter

Peter – Registered Chimney Sweep

‘I never banked on a second career – it’s completely different to what I’ve done before’

Peter, Registered Chimney Sweep

‘Just Me, My Brushes & The Open Road…’

When Peter retired from a life working in graphic design, he didn’t really expect to be sweeping and inspecting chimneys.

But as someone who has always kept active with DIY projects and riding his bike, he’s certainly had a good grounding for his new career.

“I like the fact that not only does it keep you fit mentally and physically, but it’s completely different from what I used to do.

“I used to work mostly in B2B, dealing with commercial customers, sat behind a desk in an office.

“But these days I’m out and about in the van, meeting people, solving their problems and seeing a lot of the area.”

Peter was encouraged to become a sweep by Mr Soot owner David.

“David could see, after a few months of shadowing him, that I had potential so he signed me up for a formal sweeps training course.

“I have to say I never knew there were so many rules and regulations. And now it’s my job to interpret those for customers in their own home,

“There’s no getting away from it, sweeping is hard work.

“Anyone who expects it to be easy will have a rude awakening. It’s not simply about pushing a brush up a chimney.

“Modern day sweeps and technicians do so much more than that. And unlike many roles, you feel you can progress at Mr Soot as there’s a clear career path.”

My advice? Go for it!

Peter believes those who are considering a career change should go for it.

“Plenty of people are stuck in jobs which don’t fulfil them. I was lucky, I enjoyed what I did but I do wonder what would have happened if I’d considered this 10 or 20 years ago.

“My advice is, if you’re committed to learning, and not frightened of hard work, then an interesting and fulfilling career awaits you at Mr Soot.

“We have a great team and it’s one of the friendliest places I’ve ever worked.”